Historic Town

The ancient town of St Austell dates back to 1189 when it left the jurisdiction of the Manor of Tewington and became a market town in its own right. Originally it served as a centre for the agricultural community but became an industrial centre when tin, copper and china clay was discovered on the hills around St Austell.

With the prosperity that the mining industry brought, the town expanded rapidly and it possesses a rich architectural heritage. If you stroll down Fore Street looking at the first floor properties you will see it still retains features of the 17th and 18th century and has barely changed.
Many of the historical meeting houses and chapels were built as the town responded to the preaching of John Wesley who first visited in 1755.

Now we have the exciting redevelopment of the Aylmer Square area which will ensure St Austell retains its place as an economic centre for locals and visitors into the future.