How to plan a route using Open Street Maps

If you want to plan a route it can be accomplished in two ways.

Using Open Street Maps

  • Head over to Open Route Service
  • Zoom to the place where you want to start your walk
  • Select whether you want to walk, cycle, etc by clicking on the relevant icon
  • Return to the map, right click and select Set as starting Point
  • Now move to the next point and right click and select Add a Waypoint
  • Now keep going until the final point when you select Set as final destination
  • Now select the options button (top left hand corner). A new menu will open on the left and you select Import/Export – download gpx
  • You have created your path and you can now upload using the Interactive Mapping Plugin
Route Finder screenshot
Route Finder screenshot

For more information visit How to plan a route using Open Street Maps

To purchase the Interactive Mapping WordPress Plugin

This advanced plugin updates the existing plugin. It includes the following features:

Multiple markers
Legend auto creation
Marker categories
Import of GPX co-ordinates to render a path on a map.

A polyline is a connected sequence of line segments created as a single object. You can create straight line segments, arc segments, or a combination of the two. Basically a series of points indicated on the map using Latitude and Longitude. Very useful for indicating a walking route.