Natural handmade soaps

Natural Handmade Soaps in St Austell using only pure oils and Cocoa and Shea butters and scented with essential oils, we also make bath products, balms, and candles,find us in the Craft Kiln, at The Old Workshop, Charlestown.

We are a small family business working in the heart of Cornwall surrounded by beautiful countryside and the sea from these come the inspirations for our soaps which are made here in our workshop using pure natural vegetable oils and Cocoa butter. We use the cold process method to produce our soaps which means that all the natural glycerine from the oils and butters is retained in the finished soap producing a rich moisturising soap with a creamy lather.

We do not use preservatives, stabilizers, E numbers, Parabens or alcohol. The soaps are scented with essential oils and botanics. We do not use any animal products in our soaps.

Certificated and Safety Assessed by Cosmetic Chemists and Toxicologists in accordance with EU Regulations

Much controversy surrounds the chemicals in our body care products today, because our skin readily accepts a variety of water and oil soluble materials through the pores it can absorb good and bad. We try to keep our products as pure as possible by using only high grade and edible oils, enhanced with botanic’s (some of which we grow ourselves organically) and essential oils, thus helping to keep our skins protective barrier functioning well. We try to avoid using any synthetic ingredients preferring the natural preservatives found in plants.

Our soaps are rich and moisturising lightly scented and enhanced with essential oils, herbs, flowers and spices. We do not use animal products, synthetic preserves, detergents, or stabilizers, the soaps are made using the cold process method which means the natural glycerine in the oils is retained in the finished product, naturally moisturizing the skin with a luxurious lather that is both soothing and hydrating.

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