Charlestown Shipwreck & Heritage Centre

Charlestown Shipwreck & Heritage Centre is located in a historic china clay building here on the waterfront of the seaport of Charlestown, St. Austell, Cornwall. U.K.
The Shipwreck and historical artefacts on display in the centre are the largest private collection of this type on public display in Europe.

Brought together over the last 45 to 50 years, it forms the basis of one of the most unusual and interesting collections open to the public.

There are countless items from a bygone age as well as artefacts from over 150 shipwrecks.

The many and varied exhibitions reflect village life in Charlestown, it’s history, shipwrecks and the once thriving China Clay industry. The exhibition shows a tremendous range of maritime history dating back to 1715 and one of the largest underwater diving equipment collections in the country, including various suits used for treasure seeking and naval purposes.

“The very best ‘museum’ I’ve visited in my 76 years” D Wallace, York

“Worth coming 300 miles to see” M Homer, Kent

“Absolutely fantastic, a real gem of a collection” G Briggs, Bucks

“Fantastic fun for the children” S Jackson, Glasgow

Artefacts from over 150 shipwrecks including the Titanic, plus animated scenes from village life.

Address: Charlestown Rd, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 3NJ
Phone:01726 69897